National Football Authority
Published: 29-02-2012 14:47
The Cincinnati Bengals are one of three teams sitting in the first round of the 2012 NFL Draft with not one, but two picks.

The second pick was courtesy of the Oakland Raiders in the trade that sent quarterback Carson Palmer to the Bay Area last season.

After speaking to a team executive on Monday, National Football Authority senior writer Bear Heiser has learned the Bengals are eager to move up in the first round to secure themselves the top running back in this draft class—Alabama Crimson Tide’s Trent Richardson.

Along with this information, the source also provided info as to who the Bengals have been talking with in the first round and it was none other than the Arizona Cardinals—who are itching to move down in the first round along with acquiring more drafts picks in the deal.

The finer details of the actual trade terms were not disclosed but it would be assumed since the Bengals would like to move up, they would probably be offering a swap with their No. 17 pick for the Cards’ No. 13 pick, as well as another pick (or two) post-first round.

This team executive was adamant in making aware how much the Bengals really like Richardson and would really like to add him to their West Coast offense, which would be a great fit for the Heisman candidate’s versatile style of play.

It is apparent current starting RB Cedric Benson is ready to leave via free agency, so bringing Richardson in would be the ideal scenario if it were to pan out at the end of April.